Positive Change in E-commerce landscape

We Want To Support The Local Community Through Disruption

We are not just here to change the game; we are rewriting the rules. Why should the big international ecommerce platform steal business from you? We aspire to be the driving force behind positive change in the e-commerce landscape. We are in support of the local business community providing eShop and marketing tools you are in control of on a local online marketplace. We provide the support structure and tools that will elevate your market presence, promote your products, and ensure excellent customer service and delivery. Welcome to the future of e-commerce, where your success knows no bounds.

Local ecommerce, selling products online to the nearby community, is crucial. As consumers turn to the internet for convenience and to support local businesses, small enterprises must embrace this approach. The pandemic underscored the necessity of enabling online purchases for survival. With physical stores periodically closing, transitioning to online operations or parallel online sales, has become essential for business continuity.

Why Subscribe To The Cyber Plan?

If you aspire for more progress, here is how we assist.

Delivery Service

Opt for delivery service to ensure your products reach shoppers promptly and securely

Support Structure

You can handle shopper enquiries, while we assist you through support tickets

Order Management

Our system boosts productivity through stock management, orders process and track.


Benefit From Exclusive Services For Cyber Merchants

Advance E-commerce Solution

Unlimited Product Listing

Showcase your inventory to a wider audience and increase your sales with unlimited product listing.

Live Assistance Products Management

Our support team is there to provide live assistance during the setup of your eShop and adding new products.

Additional Marketing Support

In addition to promoting products within our Daily Deals and Flash Sales, we offer free Cyber Business listing on Mauritius Yellow Pages.

Online Training

Preview some of the tools and functions as an online merchant.

Quick Overview Of Yellow Markets

Preview Some Of The Tools And Functions As An Online Merchant

Online Training: Unique Selling Points

We empower businesses to elevate their market positioning and online operation. Here are a couple of the unique services and features provided by YM


Online Training

YM provide online training on the different features and functions, ensuring that you utilise your Cyber Subscription to the fullest.


Product Presentation

YM provides you with a photo shoot of your 20 best selling products “Product Isolation” and 5 video product presentations in support of the launch of your eShop on Yellow Markets.


Yellow Delivery Service

YM provide option for delivery services that Merchant can either add to the order payable by Shopper, or Merchant can include the service in the order and own cost. Our pricing structure is unique and supports multiple purchases of products from the same or multiple merchants.


Customer Support

YM offer customer support to Merchant and integrated a structure for Merchant to support Shopper, including both enquiry toward product before purchase and after sales services, and resolution incase of replacement or refund request by Shopper.

Aim Higher With The Cyber

Embrace Your Vision, And Let Us Be Your Guiding Force Towards Its Realisation!

  • Cyber

    MUR 18,000/ Yr

  • E-Shop
  • Products
  • Manage your products
  • Manage your orders
  • View Sales Reports
  • Make changes to your account information, payment settings
  • Change your password
  • Manage your credit and transactions.
  • Access Help Desk
  • Support and Business Services
  • Merchant can use tooltips and tutorials and FAQ
  • Customer care center (Support form)
  • Live assistance for store and product setup (30 min. Google Meet)
  • Online business retail workshope every second months (90 minutes)
  • Online guest coaching/training session quarterly (2 hours)
  • Marketing Support
  • Social media marketing of eShop and Product (Minimum two posts)
  • Daily Deals: 7 products/ 1 per day with social posting
  • Flash Sales: 3 products/ 1 for seven days with social posting
  • Yellow Pages Cyber subscription including interlinking and social share
Yellow Markets Cyber Plan

E-commerce Delivery Service

Free Yellow Pages Cyber Plan

How Can An Online Directory Contribute To Your Online Business Success?